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Coming from a teaching and training background she has a passion for sharing her knowledge and changing people’s lives.

She is a strong believer in bio-individuality and the importance of listening to our body’s natural inner dialogue.

An avid propagator of natural health and beauty, whole food nutrition and an active, balanced lifestyle.

She is a guest speaker at international health summits, radio shows and sits on the panel of expert of the largest parenting portal BabyYumYum, where she is a resident content contributor of health and nutrition articles.

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Guiding you to a healthier, happier you...

The Health Coach About Our Passion
  • Do you want to feel and look great?

  • Looking for the  eternal fountain of  youth and vitality?

  • Tired of outdated, one-size fits all approaches?

  • Fed up of nagging  cravings?

  • Struggling with constant symptoms?

  • Overwhelmed by life?

Our team of industry leading professionals will help you reach your health, anti-aging, nutrition, detox, fitness and weight goals through diagnostic testing,

dietary and lifestyle adjustments, tailored supplementation and physical training solutions.

The road to a an ageless, healthy, fit new you starts here.

A science based, personalized approach to health and beauty.

Ready to accomplish your goals in an empowering and exciting process?

We will help you make it an effortless way of life.


Mary Comerce
founder and lead coach

- Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

- Food Intolerance and Nutrient Deficiency Expert

- Nutritional Dermatology Specialist

- Master Face Yoga Instructor

Therapeutic and Aesthetic Taping Specialist

- Qualified Medial Aesthetician

Nutrition and healthy living have been of prime interest to me throughout my life as I was born with a heart condition and have had a sickly start to life. By my mid-twenties I had had two strokes, was diagnosed with three incurable autoimmune conditions and was told by several medical doctors I will most likely not have children. The ER staff at the local hospital knew me by my first name and my life expectancy and quality of life was according to medicine was nothing to look forward to… but I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel - I love life. I started researching alternative ways of getting my body to become the healthiest version it can be.

Getting into a positive attitude, an active lifestyle, a nutrient dense diet and creating a nurturing, accepting and encouraging environment around myself changed my life unrecognizably.

It has been many years since my last trip to the ER, I am not on any chronic medication and have had the pleasure of two natural and absolutely amazing pregnancies that have given my husband and I two healthy and happy children, and all of this only due to a diet and lifestyle change. I love sharing what I have learned on my quest to a healthier version of me, how I got here and hopefully help others embark on their own journey of the best version of themselves."
                     Mary Comerce
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