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Making a Smooth Transition from Pregnancy  to Motherhood

                Enhance your baby's growth and brain development while minimizing future health issues.

 In this workshop you will learn about:

   How to create a strong and lasting bond with your baby.

   The 7 Baby B's: birth bonding, breast feeding, baby-wearing,baby sleep,                  baby's cries, baby trainers and balance and boundaries.

   Postpartum lifestyle and  nursing nutrition.

   How to exercise to ease stress, promote weight loss, rebuild abdominal muscles    and replenish energy postpartum.

   How to cope with sleep deprivation.

   Taking care of your postpartum emotional needs.

   Ways to nurture relationships and stay connected with your partner.

   The importance of TLC for new moms.


Workshop Agenda

Participants will take part in workshop activities that will enrich their previous knowledge of

baby and self care as well as bond promoting  and reconnecting lifestyle practices that

may promote positive nursing and post-patum life outcomes.

At the end of the workshop  concerns and questions, that may arise, will be addressed.


The workshop can be taken individually or in a group setting.

Call up your pregnant friends and make a fun day of it.

Group discounts available.

T&C apply.

workshop duration and cost


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