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Guided Healthy Food Shopping Tour

A healthy lifestyle and diet begins with our choice at the supermarket and grocery store.


What to Expect During the Makeover Session?

To transform your health and your family’s health, you firstly need to transform the way you shop.


During our Guided  Healthy Food Shopping Tour and customized grocery store tours you’ll learn how to make dozens of upgrades to the foods you usually eat.

Even for health savvy folks, grocery shopping can be a stressful experience if you don't plan ahead and know what you're looking for. Whether you are starting from scratch, or ready to build upon your existing knowledge of healthy foods, a Grocery Store Tour is a fun and illuminating experience.

 Why do I need a Healthy Food Shopping Tour?

  • Would like to learn how to stop buying food-like-products that are compromising your health and start purchasing health promoting, nutrient dense foods that will help you prepare scrumptious and healthy meals?

  • Are a parent wanting to prepare healthier meals for your superstar kids? 

  • Do you have specific health concerns or food allergies, and need assistance learning how to shop and cook for those needs? 

  • Are new to cooking and want simple, easy strategies for shopping & eating healthy? 

  • Do you wish to learn how to eat healthily on a cost-effective budget?

  •  Do nutritional information and ingredient labels confuse you?

  • You are confused about what’s actually “healthy” and what isn’t?

  • Do you walk into a health food store and feel overwhelmed?

  • Do you spend too much money eating out?

  • You are gaining weight and losing energy?

  • Do you throw away a lot of food each week?

The grocery shopping tour is perfect for those who want to understand and learn how to confidently navigate the grocery store and buy real healthy food.

Even if you already are a pretty healthy eater, but wish to learn how food marketing and store layout strategies that get you to buy chemical laden foods and decipher false packaging health claims.

As we explore the shelves from aisle to aisle, you will learn how to be a conscious consumer in a confusing marketplace.


In this session you will learn:

  • The truth about what you have actually been eating and how to make healthier choices

  • What ingredients to look for and what to avoid

  • Reading food labels: ingredient lists, nutritional value and health claims

  •  Identifying food additives, chemicals and other toxins in your food

  • How to “upgrade” your family’s favourite foods and snacks

  • Organic certifications, and how to choose when to buy organic vs. conventional.

  • Purchasing meat and seafood, label certification meaning: Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised, Organic, Natural, Free-Range

  • The difference between white flower, brown flower, whole grain/meal  and gluten free

  • The top brands you can trust

  • The strategic store product placement, how it makes you spend more and how to avoid falling for it

  • New healthy foods and ways to incorporate them

  • Safe non-toxic home cleaning products and beauty products

The  Guided Healthy Shopping Tour will include

Conventional Supermarket and Health Food Store Visit

Aisle by Aisle Guidance to Healthy Choices and Alternatives

Handouts on Label Reading,  Health Claims, GMO's, Organics and Food Additives  

The Health Coach Academy Quick & Easy Recipes 

Supermarket and Health Store Food Guide

(covering produce items and their respective benefits, common packaged foods and their ingredients, suggested  healthy alternatives and substitutions, product and brand recommendations, simple food therapies for common ailments)

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, while becoming an expert shopper! 

tour duration and cost


The tour will be conducted at a Supermarket and  Health Store in

the greater Sandton area

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