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  Hosted Expectations Workshops

Prepare Right,Eat Right,Live Right

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All you need to know - a complete program that is informative,relevant and simple, which addresses the unique needs of pregnant and nursing moms - the total package. 

In the comfort of your own home or a venue of your choice and convenience.

Would you like to have our Expectations Workshops in the privacy of your own home or a venue of your own choice and convenience. No problem. Get together your expecting friends or those planning to start a family and we will gladly present the workshops to you privately. Workshops are free of charge to the hostess for groups larger that 10 participants. Travel charges may apply. Limited to a maximum number of  30 participants.

               The Expectations Workshop Series provides pregnant and nursing mothers an opportunity to connect and build relationships with others, while learning practical ways to positively impact each stage of pregnancy in a fun, warm and supportive atmosphere. 

 In theses workshops you will learn about:

   Healthy Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition practices during pregnancy and beyond that will inspire and motivate you to become a healthier version of yourself.


   Ways to positively impact each stage of gestation, fetal development and early motherhood.

   How to turn your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning.

   How to preserve your health and promote fetal development.

   How to prepare for the Emotional, Hormonal and Physical changes you body will undergo.

   How to optimize your nutrition and deal with cravings in a health oriented way.


   Healthy weight gain, foods and additives to avoid and a nutrient dense diet.

   The importance of staying physically active as well as a simple pregnancy exercise  routine that will relive strain and increase the likelihood of an easier delivery and  faster recovery.

   The benefits of developing a strong support system and how to build one.

   Postpartum lifestyle and  nursing nutrition.

   How to cope with sleep deprivation and take care of your postpartum emotional  needs.

   Ways to nurture relationships and stay connected with your partner.

Hosted Expectations Workshops Agenda and Notes

In each workshop, participants will receive a gift bag containing:


- A Personal Secretary File-which will allow for note taking and question reminders to be discussed at the end of the class

- Other useful complimentary surprise gifts

- Digital format notes may be emailed on request to each participant

Participants will take part in workshop activities that will challenge their previous knowledge of healthy living and postpartum life and reinforce newly acquired information and skills. 


We will take a 30 minute brake half way into each workshop, which will give participants  a chance to rest and stretch.

In the Prepare Right workshop, participants will learn a stretching exercise routine that will help alleviate back strain and tension. Therefore wearing comfortable stretchy clothing conducive to exercise as well as bringing a yoga mat or thick towel to lay on is encouraged, for the Prepare Right workshop . No other equipment is necessary.

The Hostess is advised to ensure, prior to the booking, that her home or venue of choice is of sufficient size and ventilation to comfortably accommodate the number of yoga mats, adequately spaced, equal to the number of her guests and workshop participants.

The Health Coach will use a projector as an audio visual aid for the workshops content presentations, the hostess is encouraged to ensure that a suitable projection surface, such as a plain white wall, is available and conveniently located in the potential workshop presentation area.

At the end of each workshop  concerns and questions, that may arise, will be addressed.

 To learn more information about each individual  Expectation Workshop click on the links provided below.

Prepare   Right

  Eat   Right

 Live   Right

workshop bundle duration and cost

POA/3 hours each

venue of your choice

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