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Eat Right

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Experience Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy  and Beyond

                Enhance your baby's growth and brain development while minimizing future health issues.

 In this workshop you will learn about:

   Eating for Two - healthy weight gain and calories.

   Cravings-what they really mean and why we have them.

   The benefits of adequate nutrition for Mommy and Baby.

   The traffic Light eating guide to healthy food.

   The L.E.A.N. (Lifestyle|Exercise|Attitude|Nutrition) guide.


   Recommended pregnancy nutrition: animal and vegetarian protein, fiber, healthy      carbohydrates and fats.

   The Importance of Micro-nutrients and Hydration.

   Which food additives to avoid to protect yourself and your baby.

   Healthy substitutions and nutrients dense foods.

   "Pregnancy-ade" for  Expectant and Nursing moms.

    The importance of grazing and what grazing means.

    The benefits of pure and organic food and how to become a clean,whole food            addict.

Workshop Agenda

Participants will take part in workshop activities that will enrich their previous knowledge of healthy nutrition and may promote positive pregnancy outcomes.


At the end of the workshop  concerns and questions, that may arise, will be addressed.

The workshop can be taken individually or in a group setting.

Call up your pregnant friends and make a fun day of it.

Group discounts available.

T&C apply.

"Eating for two doesn't mean twice as much but rather being twice as mindful about how we nourish our body."

Mary Comerce - The Health Coach Academy founder

workshop duration and cost


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