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Diagnostic Testing


Intolerance, Deficiency & Toxicity Test 

The most comprehensive and non-invasive test available on the market.

- Food & Environmental Intolerances

- Nutrient Deficiencies

- Metal Toxicity 

- Digestive, Metabolic & Hormonal Dysfunction

The first vital step to getting on the right track to better health.

*Performed via bio-resonance hair analysis.

In-depth laboratory sample analysis

2-3 weeks turnaround time

( available world-wide )


Instant Vitamin & Mineral Tracking

Instant and non-invasive, innovative technology,

tracking up to 30 vitamin and mineral levels.


- Instant Report

- Non-invasive and Painless

- Product recommendations and Nutrition Tips

Keep track of your nutrient trends.



*Performed via EAV

(Electro acupuncture According to Voll)

Instant recommendations

On site 10-15 minute analysis

( available in South Africa only )


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