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natural alternative to surgery, botox and filler


tension release

massage techniques


muscle workout

face lifting


symmetry improvement

cranial alignment


promoted blood flow

face cupping

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gua sha

face sculpting


aesthetic taping

muscle conditioning


detoxing & depuffing

lymphatic drainage

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body alignment

posture correction

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health & appearance

body toning


skin metabolism

anti-aging nutrition


inner peace



the final touch

home skin care

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Toned Facial Muscles

Lifted Face


Sculpted Cheek Bones

Slimed Cheeks

Minimized Pores

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Double Chin Reduction

Chiseled Jaw Line

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Diminished Wrinkles

No Frown Lines

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Facial Tension Release

Lymphatic Drainage

Blemish Free Skin

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Radiant Glow

Ageless Face

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Boosted Collagen

Glowing Skin

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Eliminated Crow's Feet

Under Eye Bags

Even Skin Tone

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Wrinkle Free Lips

Lip Augmentation

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Our exclusive online  BEAUTY CLUB  offers easy to follow:


face and body


video content


anti-aging diet

home skin care



expert talks

live Q & A

training sessions

and a community of like-minded people to share your journey with.

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Until the age of 25-30, our body works like a clock:

it produces collagen, hyaluronic acid,
and the facial muscles function correctly,
thus bringing sufficient oxygen and
vital nutrients to the skin.

Our skin is firm, smooth and glowing.

Even if we don’t eat right, take care of our skin irregularly, the body compensates for everything.


Around the age of 30- 35, the first signs of aging appear.
The texture, hue and colour of our skin begin to change,
it begins to loose its firmness, slowly changing
the shape of our face.

We start to notice mimic lines.

Our nutrition and lifestyle choices become reflective
on our physical appearance.


After the age of  35- 40+, we usually start
looking for solutions to stop the progression
and reverse the signs of aging. 

Fine wrinkles as well as some puffiness and
droopiness become visible.

Self-care from now on is the choice that can slow down and reverse the progression of visible aging.

These age related changes happen for several reasons:
 mainly due to the fact that the muscles of the face 
do not work as actively as they once did, 
therefore the skin as well as all other facial tissues age
to a nutrient deficit. 


expert talks

live Q & A

training sessions

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We are bombarded with marketing information
about the latest anti-aging trends and fads.

From creams to injectables, laser, surgery and now
facial exercise, but how do we make the right choice?

Let's look at the pros and cons,
so we can make an informed decision.


wrinkle creams

We have all succumb to advertising. 

Unfortunately, there is no miracle potion, yet. 

In 2011, Lancome used a heavily photoshoped image of Julia Roberts, which eventually
led to the ban of the add. 

Though no cream will photoshop your skin,
it is a valuable part of our skin care regimen. 

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-moisturize the skin

-prevent dryness

- environmental protection

-nourish the skin with
essential trace elements, minerals and vitamins thus slowing down
the aging process.


- address the symptom (skin)
not the cause (facial muscles)

- plump and soften only the superficial layer of the epidermis



Donatela Vercace, a talented couturier
and astute business woman,
sadly a prime example of
the undesirable outcome of
long-term use of injectables.

the most commonly used injectables


A neuromodulator with a muscle paralyzing effect, limiting the muscle's range of motion.
The toxin prevents the  the muscles from contracting, causing wrinkles to
smooth out temporarily.

Muscle movement prevention is the main drawback of the procedure.

Muscles function as pump:
pumping blood, improve lymph flow.

The procedure may thus, often lead to decreased nutrient delivery to the skin
resulting in texture and colour changes
as well as facial puffiness
due to poor lymphatic outflow.

Additionally, decreased activity in one muscle results in overcompensating hyper activity in others, thus causing other wrinkles. 

Long-term use may lead to lack of  natural facial expression.











Provide an instant, visible make over,

with a WOW-EFECT.


Getting rid of wrinkles, correcting volume loss, sculpting high cheekbones, a chiseled jaw or luscious lips has never been faster or easier.

The procedure consists of injecting hyaluronic acid, collagen or other artificial substances under the skin.

The magical effect of fillers is due to the balloon principle. A deflated balloon is wrinkled, blow it up and it smoothens out.

The downside is that; most fillers are made of hyaluronic acid - potent humectant. Therefore, if you are prone to puffiness, you may notice swelling in areas that have been treated.


Additionally, in some cases fillers may migrate, resulting in unsightly and undesirable outcome.


- instant visible effect.


- painful

- expensive

- treated area may worsen after the solution wears off


- possible product migration

- complications and allergic reactions

- temporary improvement

- may cause a decrease in the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid

- potential muscle tissue function disruption

- strains the lymphatic system

- excess puffiness


Considered one of the safest and easiest ways for facial rejuvenation.

Safer than Botox or fillers as there is no risk of artery damage or blindness.

Laser is a controlled burn.

The laser beam damages the outer layer of skin (epidermis). At the same time, the laser heats the underlying skin (dermis), which stimulates collagen production over time, resulting in improved skin tone and texture. 

Aggressive exposure, the skin “wears out” faster.

Laser can have a prolonged and unsightly downtime as well as permanent scaring and pigmentation side effects.



- visible skin tightening

-improved skin texture

- diminished wrinkles


- painful

- expensive

- a controlled burn

- aggressive procedure

- prolonged, unsightly downtime


- discomfort throughout the healing process

- possible scaring and pigmentation

face exercise

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As talk, smile and frown tension accumulates in our facial muscles causing them to become hyper or hypo active, thus altering their natural state and affecting the way our skin and face look.

As we age, our skin looses its luster and tone, wrinkles begin to appear on the forehead and around the eyes, the cheekbones lose volume, the cheeks slide downward, jowls begin to appear, causing the proportions of the face to change.

However, all these changes can be reversed and prevented, using the same principles we use to tighten and sculpt the body - physical exercise.


Those principles remain valid for both body and face at any age. 

There are many different systems and methods available on the market today such as:

face yoga, face building, face massage and osteopathic corrections.

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The more wholistic the approach the faster and more effective the results.

Our signature wholistic system was developed using a combination of
natural face and body rejuvenation and anti - aging modalities.

Facial muscle toning and relaxation, osteopathic cranial alignment,
lymphatic drainage, posture correction, body work and nutritional dermatology
all form part of the puzzle.

We use a variety of techniques and methods as they each serve
a different purpose and when used correctly, with adequate structure and proper professional instruction, the result are fast, visible and long-lasting.

An easy to follow, safe and natural way to achieve that all desired lift and glow.


- non-toxic & safe

- natural, yet effective

- non-invasive & painless

- addresses the root cause,

rather than the symptoms

of the signs of aging

- works with all layers:

bone, muscles and skin

- promotes lymphatic drainage

and detoxification

- eliminates puffiness

and under eye bags

- stimulates blood flow

and skin cellular metabolism

- sculpts facial contour

- tones and lifts cheekbones

- tightens skin

- improves skin texture

- eliminates wrinkles

- promotes glow and radiance

- can be done at your convenience,

in the comfort of your own home


- noticeable results may take

2-4 weeks

- results require consistency

- healthy lifestyle and a nutrient rich diet promote optimum results


subscription club, online programs, zoom classes and virtual private training consist of some or all of the techniques above depending on the option you select.


Radiant, toned, lifted and glowing skin can be achieved at any age.

Now in the comfort of your own home and with your own hands.

The eternal fountain of youth you have been looking for.

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