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Fridge & Pantry Makeover

A healthy lifestyle and diet begin at the supermarket and in the kitchen.

What to Expect During the Makeover Session?


During our Fridge and Pantry Makeover you’ll learn to identify chemically laden food-like-products and distinguish them from real wholesome healthy foods, read  and understand nutritional labels and their meaning, which foods to phase out and replace with health promoting nutrient dense substitutes.


There is no one-size-fits all way to eat, so together we will decipher what works best for you and your family.

We will give your pantry and fridge a complete makeover by efficiently identifying undesirable items that are holding you back from reaching your optimal health and wellness. Whether you are trying to transition to a 100% real foods household, going gluten free, or navigating a newly diagnosed food intolerance or allergy, this service is designed to remove the guesswork.

The assessment includes pantry items such as dry good and tinned foods, refrigerated and frozen staple items, condiments and spices.

We will work on raising your awareness of some unhealthy habits you may have and reflect on the choices you make when going shopping.

Cleaning out your pantry and fridge can be a great opportunity to get the whole family involved and make it a truly educational experience.

How do I Prepare for the Makeover Session?

In preparation for our session we will provide you with a food diary that you and your family will be encouraged to complete for a week leading up to your Fridge and Pantry Makeover. We will begin with a short consultation, focusing on your dietary and lifestyle goals as well as your typical gastronomical choices and eating patterns. We will then examine the foods in your pantry and refrigerator, discussing their nutrition values and offering suitable substitutes & food preparation advice.

Will I Have to Throw Away Food from my Fridge and Pantry?

Absolutely not! This session will be a guided partnership between you and your Health Coach. You will be taught to identify and label foods according to their nutrient density and and health benefits and encouraged to label them according to a "traffic light " system of eating. You will thus learn which foods to phase out, which to advisably substitute with healthier alternatives, which you can eat in mindful moderation and which you can abundantly enjoy.

During the Fridge and Pantry Makeover, your Health Coach will be answering your nutrition questions and deliver a catalog of helpful resources/handouts that include lists of seasonal foods, health reference materials and recipes.

The Pantry and Fridge Makeover includes:

  • Food diary analysis

  • Identifying items that sabotage your health

  • Food label reading tutorial

  • List of ingredients to avoid and why

  • Do’s and don'ts of  packaged and processed foods

  • List of healthier versions of the foods you currently have

  • Recommendations on staple items to stock in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer to create easy, tasty, healthy meals

  • List of beneficial spices and herbs

  • List of produce that is best bought organic and why, and which can be sourced non-organically without compromising your health

  • Discussion about why grass-fed, pasture raised, and wild caught animal protein is so important for your health and the environment

  • Cookware and toxins discussion

  • Inventory of small appliances and what the healthiest choices are

Are you ready to embark on your wellness journey to discover the healthiest version of yourself?

*Consider adding a Personal Grocery Store Shopping Trip to compliment this session and reaffirm your newly acquired skills.

consultation duration and cost


The session will be conducted at your residential address

*additional travel charges may apply outside of

the greater Sandton area

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