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Prepare Right

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                              Turn Your Pregnancy Into A Healthy New Beginning

                           It is never too early to begin positively impacting your baby's health.

 In this workshop you will learn about:

   How to create and maintain a Healthy Womb Environment for your baby.


   Trimester fetal development and health.


   What to avoid and Environmental Health Hazards.


   The importance of  Staying Active, how to make exercise part of your life and recommended physical activity during pregnancy. 

   A Simple Exercise Routine that relieves strain and increases the likelihood of an easier delivery and a faster recovery.

   How to prepare for the Emotional, Hormonal and Physical Changes your body will experience.

   How your Attitude directly affects your pregnancy and the health of your baby, as well as the benefits of developing a strong support system.

   Cultivating a Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Pregnancy.

Workshop Agenda

Participants will take part in workshop activities that will enrich their previous knowledge of healthy pregnancy lifestyle practices that may promote positive pregnancy outcomes. 



We will teach you a simple stretching exercise routine that will hep to alleviate back strain and tension in advanced stages of pregnancy. Participants are therefore encouraged to wear comfortable stretchy clothing conducive to exercise as well as to bring a yoga mat or thick towel to lay on.

No other equipment is necessary.

At the end of the workshop  concerns and questions, that may arise, will be additionally addressed.

The workshop can be taken individually or in a group setting.

Call up your pregnant friends and make a fun day of it.

Group discounts available.

T&C apply.

workshop duration and cost


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