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What is a Pregnancy Health Coach?

A Pregnancy Health Coach

A Pregnancy Health Coach is a certified professional who acts as a supportive mentor, equipping expectant mothers with the necessary information and tools that cultivate positive and appropriate health and lifestyle choices.

A Pregnancy Health Coach is your personal advocate for living a healthy, energized life during pregnancy and beyond. Pregnancy is often a period of great motivation for change and transformation. A healthy pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby is always the ultimate goal. Pregnancy is a natural time to learn a healthy lifestyle that will continue to impact you and your family for generations. The Health Coach academy will accompany you on this journey.

Are you ready to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits for a healthy pregnancy?

By working with a Pregnancy Health Coach, you will discover the nutrition, activities and other lifestyle choices that best support you during gestation. Making gradual changes during pregnancy empowers current and future health goals. The focus is on lifestyle goals and finding ways to help you organize your life around what is most important to you. Pregnancy is not the time for a diet, but it is the time for healthy eating and healthy living.

Once you are pregnant, almost everything regarding the baby's physical attributes has already been decided; from eye colour to how their toes will look. You have very little influence once DNA has done its job.

However, nutrition and adequate health promoting lifestyle is how a woman ensures a healthier pregnancy and thus, a healthier baby.

With a Pregnancy Health Coach, you will explore the foods you and your family enjoy, try new ones, experience different recipes and discuss the link between what you eat and a healthy baby. A big part of Pregnancy Health Coaching are the aspects of life that nourish but that are not food. You will be guided and encouraged to spend time on improving all aspects of your health, not just nutrition; through conversations that are entirely focused on your health goals and priorities.

Imagine what your life would be like with optimal health!

A Pregnancy Health Coach provides a supportive environment to explore what really works for you.

Have you wanted to:

  • Spend more time with a trained professional discussing your pregnancy concerns?

  • Improve your nutrition and eating habits during?

  • Have a sane plan for healthy weight during pregnancy and postpartum?

  • Explore the principles and practices of mindful eating?

  • Understand and feel better about how your body changes during pregnancy?

  • Learn about safe, healthy movement and exercise practices during pregnancy?

  • Make your self-care a priority during this time?

  • Learn healthy habits that will affect your family forever?

The Health Coach Pregnancy programs are designed to assist you to make positive choices regarding lifestyle, movement, well-being and nutrition. Together we will explore concerns specific to you and your health to design the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

In our programs, you will learn about:

  • Setting and accomplishing health and lifestyle goals

  • The stages of pregnancy and how to create a healthy womb environment.

  • Simple exercises that relieve strain and increase the likelihood of an easier delivery and faster recovery.

  • Preparing for the emotional, hormonal and physical changes your body will experience during pregnancy.

  • How your attitude directly affects the health of your baby, as well as the benefits of developing a strong support system.

  • Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy and Beyond

  • Eating for two and healthy weight gain

  • Cravings-what they really mean and why we have them

  • How avoiding certain foods and additives can protect your baby

  • Healthy substitutions and nutrient dense foods

  • Make a Smooth Transition from Pregnancy to Motherhood

  • How to create a strong and lasting bond with your baby

  • Nurture relationships with your partner

  • TLC for moms

  • Postpartum baby and self-care

Pregnancy Health Coaching with The Health Coach academy emphasizes your personal goals and health concerns during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. What nourishes you is at the center of every program. The focus is on healthy sleep, well-being, adequate nutrition and appropriate movement to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

The goal is a healthy mommy and a healthy baby.

If you would like to learn more about Pregnancy Health and Nutrition we invite you to book a Nutrition and Health Consultation with The Health Coach academy team, attend our Pregnancy Workshops or join our Health Coaching Program.


Results may individually vary. Information and statements made in articles of The Health Coach academy Blog are for education purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. The Health Coach academy does not provide medical advice, prescribe medication and treatment plans, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by The Health Coach academy are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. Should you have a medical condition or health concern, consult your physician.

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