The perfect morning routine-Start your day right in 15 steps.

A morning routine will impact the rest of your day. It sets the tone for your mood, productivity and overall energy for the day ahead.

And whether you consider yourself a morning person or a night owl, the good news is that we can develop a morning routine that will leave us invigorated and energized for the rest of the day.

A good morning routine is the “secret ingredient” that will help you be more efficient, alert, healthy and thriving in the same 24 hours that we all have. And that is all determined by what’s done in the first couple of hours after waking up. Of course, children, travel or the holidays may shake your routine up a bit, but try to keep to it as much as possible:

1. There is something awesome about staying up late, however research shows that the most beneficial hours for sleep are between 8pm and 12 am, and though going to bed as early as 8pm might seem a little too early for most of us, getting as much sleep in this from this four-hour window will pay its rewards. Hitting the bed early might not happen every night but when you get to sleep earlier, you will notice that you will get up easier in the morning.

2. Wake up naturally with the sunrise or a gentle nature’s sound alarm sound. It’s so much nicer to wake up calm and refreshed with gentle light versus a cortisol-jolting loud and noisy alarm noise.

3. Do some gentle stretches while still in bed

4. Get out of bed, and head for the bathroom.

5. After you brush your teeth, it is a healthy practice to do some oil pulling. Oil pulling is a great, natural way to pull the bacteria out of your mouth and gums. It is especially important to do this first thing in the morning before you eat. Oil pulling has been known to reduce cavities and fight off sickness.

6.Dry brushing. Before you hit the shower, brush give your whole body a good brush massage with a dry, natural hair body brush. Dry brushing in a circular motion in the morning before the shower will activate your lymphatic system and promote lymphatic drainage and detoxification.

7. Enjoy your shower!

8. Now that you are all refreshed, go to the kitchen and start with half a glass of warm water. After 7-8 hours without fluid, my body needs to re-hydrate.

10. Squeeze the juice of a whole lemon and add some water and start your morning cleanse.You may add a teaspoon of honey. Alternatively place a peeled lemon and a little water in a blender and add some fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon or fresh mint leaves. Blend until all the ingredients have been completely liquified and homogenized. This will provide tones of energy and will help hydrate and cleanse the digestive tract.

11. Meditate for 15-20 minutes. If meditation is still new to you, you may want to try a guided meditation. Its health benefits are astounding and starting the day in this manner will reward you with sharpness of mind and greater focus for the rest of the day.

12. A fresh, nutrient-dense juice or smoothie is next.

13. It’s time to get active! - go for a run/walk in the neighbourhood or do some exercises like sun salutations at home or head to the gym for a class or some cardio. This hour of activity gets the blood pumping, increases endorphins and will really makes you mentally alert for the rest of the day.

14. After a good workout, it’s breakfast time! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is the fuel that will keep you going! This is a good time to have a little bit of complex carbs, good fats and healthy protein.

Should you be taking nutritional supplements, of which The Health Coach academy is generally NOT a big proponent (for the exception of resveratrol), the time after breakfast is ideal for your morning in take.

15. Let the work begin. Starting your day by writing down your daily schedule or top priorities, taking the time to physically to write out will keep you focused and get you ready for a productive for the day.

After that, your morning routine is complete. You are now refreshed, energized, focused and ready to make it an awesome day!

Should you struggle to stick to a routine,need to have some accountability or professional guidance to develop an individual routine best suited to your needs we invite you to book a Health Consultation with The Health Coach academy team or to join our Health Coaching Program.

Results may individually vary. Information and statements made in articles of The Health Coach academy Blog are for education purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. The Health Coach academy does not provide medical advice, prescribe medication and treatment plans, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by The Health Coach academy are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. Should you have a medical condition or health concern, consult your physician.

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