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Custom-made Supplements


Still on supplements that are not designed for your individual requirements ?

Unsure you are even taking what your body really needs?

Tired of taking handfuls of  tablets?


The Health Coach Academy offers a simple and effective solution that provides clients with premium custom-made, scientifically developed nutritional supplements.

Assisting you to complement your daily nutritional intake with one supplement blend; tailored to your test results, practitioner recommendations and personal or lifestyle requirements.


Conventional, over-the- counter supplementation requires you to take handfuls of pills to provide all the nutrients you need.

Imagine if you could get everything you need in one scoop for your morning supplement drink.

Now you can!!!

Our powder formulations can combine a wide variety of active ingredients, including all the essential vitamins, amino-acid chelated minerals, premium macro-nutrients to create a first truly personalized product.


Select the desired ingredients, flavor, consistency and sweetener options and receive a custom-made shake or drink powder within 5 working days. 


Our partner manufacturer uses only reputable suppliers who have the necessary credentials to provide the highest quality ingredients available.



Our partner has been manufacturing world class nutritional products since 1999.
As a leading manufacturer in South Africa and with their ethical practices and stringent quality control systems, they were the natural choice as manufacturing partner. They are ISO 22000 food safety certified and formulate all products to comply with WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) (2013) guidelines.
They do not stock any WADA non-compliant ingredients.

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